The details: Articles in WaPo, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Education Week and elsewhere (Updated) is an overview site for the busy—read our vision in 100 words.

But you can also drill down for details here and elsewhere. See articles in the Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Christian Science Monitor, Education Week, Library Journal, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy (image). Also see our Inquirer article on the need for two national digital library systems, which the endowment could help finance.

LibraryCity is the small grassroots group that created From the start, our vision has been broader than simply bigger and better libraries in digital format. We care endlessly about physical libraries as well and have spent a lot of time talking up the benefits of any kind of reading. Significantly, we are not the Digital Public Library of America, a valuable but different organization with different priorities.

To avoid confusion, we’ve dropped “Digital” from the proposed name for the endowment even though the new technology is still a core part of our vision, given its usefulness for bringing vast collections even to small libraries. Warren Buffett has said just one book changed his life when he was young. That possibility is the glory of books of any kind.

Some basics:

Other writings from us:

Background on digital library and digital literacy issues, from others—as well as general library issues:

Photo credit: The shot of the young Poe-reader is Creative Commons-licensed and is from the Unquiet Library (not associated with this site).

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