Corilee Christou: Our new director of library and publisher relations

Corilee Christou, a veteran of the library and publishing scenes as well as a grandmother passionate about literacy, is the new director of library and publisher relations for and LibraryCity. She will also advise on strategy. Another title sums it all up: library evangelist.

LibraryCity, the parent of, is the small informal group calling for a national library endowment. In her new role Corilee will explain the endowment vision to librarians and publishers. The endowment initiative is a heartfelt grassroots cause—LibraryCity is all volunteer. But along the way, opportunities would grow for librarians, publishers, and writers through expanded markets.

Visit Amazon and you’ll see review blurbs from Publishers Weekly. That deal is just one of the many Corilee has helped make happen over the years to the advantage of all involved.

Among other jobs, Corilee was VP of new media licensing and business development for Reed Business Information, the one-time parent company of Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and School Library Journal. She has also worked for LexisNexis and other information-related companies as well as for public, K-12, and academic libraries.

Corilee will continue her work as a rights consultant for C2Consulting and a columnist for Information Today.

Reach Corilee at (cc

For more on Corilee, visit the LibraryCity site.

Published Novemeber 2016

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